Language Arts

The Language Arts Department at West Boca High seeks to promote effective written and spoken communication among our students We provide instruction in narrative, expository, persuasive, and analytical writing and seek to foster in our students an increased appreciation of literature and a life-long love of reading. Grammar, vocabulary, research skills, public speaking, and critical thinking skills are all key elements of the Language Arts curriculum. In addition to English classes, the Language Arts Department includes classes in journalism, mass media, and yearbook production.

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Tanasi Baldet
Larry Boyle
Rachel Dennis
Martha Whittaker
Gloria Dixon-Outland
Emanuel Freitas
Stephanie Donovan
Carita Silver
Tyrza Israel, Department Chair
Cristina Varela
Holly Kline
Margaret Lombardi
Lauren Ptaszek
Beth Rubin
Courtney Wunderlich
Christine Dilliard
Danielle Haugk
Kelsey West