Academy of Performing Arts


Catherine Briggs, Choral Director




Lance Blank, Drama Director & Department Chair of Performing Arts

As the West Boca Drama Department, we believe in providing educational and entertainment value for both its students and audience members alike. We are committed to excellence both on the stage and behind the scenes. It is in this commitment that we provide a safe environment for actors to explore characters and their emotional depth, musicians to perfect their skill, and technicians to learn and hone the craft of technical theatre. Theatre at West Boca High School is not a place to “put on a play” but rather a community of artists. Artists working to develop the skills needed to communicate effectively and work as a team. Artists that will understand the importance of confidence, self respect, and the support of each other. We form friendships and shape memories that will last a lifetime. We inspire each student to embrace his or her uniqueness and encourage them to be the best artist, student, and citizen each is capable of being. Fun Facts: 2 Time winner of the South Florida Cappies for Best Musical, mainstage invited to perform twice at the Florida State Thespian Festival for over 7000 theater students, Invited to perform at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, traveled to California and London, our productions are seen by over 4000-6000 patrons. Finally, our traveling Musical Theater troupe, “Bulls on Broadway” travels around the community and Palm Beach County performing for many retirement centers, dinner parties, and social gatherings.



Lawrence Shane, Band Director

In our program we offer many opportunities such as leadership skills, musicianship, discipline, and many others through our program. Van-guard means the foremost or leading position in a trend or movement which is exactly who we are. For the past few years we have had great successes including: achieving Superiors in States with all three of our bands, achieving gold in each performance at the Grand Champion at World strides Heritage Festival Anaheim, CA. and getting Excellent / Superior Ratings at State Concert Evaluations. Even though we work hard, practice, and compete, we also go to amazing places such as California, University of Miami, Atlanta, Virginia, and more to come in the coming years.